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Give Remote Assistance With avast! Antivirus

Are you the Tech Expert in your family? Do you help your friends when they have problems with their computer?

If people ask you for help when they have computer questions, get prepared in advance with the latest version of AVAST! Free Antivirus featuring Remote Assistance.

AVAST Remote Assistance: Helping nerds help others

Geek Girl On The Phone
Say goodbye to awkward phone help. Remote assistance puts you in control.

Don’t let your friends “save money” by using outdated security software. Do everyone a favor — install the latest version of Avast! Free Antivirus on their computers. Avast will help keep your friends out of trouble, and if they do need help in the future, you’ll be able to remotely assist them  from home.

Although it’s free, avast! Free Antivirus is not a bare-bones program. It has a many advanced tools, including the newly added Remote Assistance feature.

This short video explains how Remote Assistance works

  1. Install  avast!  Antivirus on your  friend’s computer.  Remote Assistance is included with the free or pro version of avast! antivirus.
  2. You will need to have an AVAST antivirus product on your computer also.
  3. The friend needing help opens their avast! console and clicks the “Allow Remote Control” button.
  4. Your friend creates a password and give it to you.
  5. The password allows you to take over their computer by remote control.
  6. The remote control session is encrypted by and routed through AVAST’s servers. Encryption keeps your communication secure on the Internet and lets you maintain your routers’ firewall protection during the remote session.
  7. The person receiving assistance has the ability to stop the session at any time.
  8. You help your friend… just like you are there in person!
  9. When the session is over, the password is no longer valid.

Using the avast! Remote Assistance Tool, you’ll be able to help friends and family easily, without having to provide complex instructions over the phone.

AVAST Software provides the worlds most popular free antivirus program, chosen by more than 150 milion users. It is absolutely free for personal and non-commercial use.

Anyone who spends a lot of time on the Internet, or engages in activities like online banking, may want to consider the additional security features in  Avast! Internet Security.


Photo credit: lunamarina