Apple Users Get Free Mac Antivirus

MacBook by felixtriller on flickr

Following recent cases of malware that targeted Mac OS users – including “Fakeflash” and “Flashback' – many security experts now warn that these widespread malware attacks prove that Macs are no longer safe from hackers. Recent highly-publicized Mac malware outbreaks may seem like something new, but experts have predicted for years that Mac owners would inevitably face a … [Read more...]

How To Cite a Tweet in MLA Style

For those of us lucky enough to get to work with Steve, it’s been an insanely great honor. I will miss Steve immensely.

The MLA Works Cited page – a source of much frustration for many undergraduates. Finding the correct format for each type of source can be a research project unto itself. While many students know how to cite a book, a work in an anthology, a web page or a magazine, new technology presents the need to find the proper format to cite sources like a Kindle book, or a Podcast. A … [Read more...] Offers Grade Trend Information

A student pleased with his good grade

Not long ago, journalism professor Lisa Phillips was reading her e-mail when she came across an interesting message, one sent to all faculty members at her university. She learned that (the textbook-rental company) had made an unusual request invoking New York’s Freedom of Information Law. This New York law (like the federal FOIA, and similar laws in other states) … [Read more...]