Apple Users Get Free Mac Antivirus

MacBook by felixtriller on flickr

Following recent cases of malware that targeted Mac OS users – including “Fakeflash” and “Flashback' – many security experts now warn that these widespread malware attacks prove that Macs are no longer safe from hackers. Recent highly-publicized Mac malware outbreaks may seem like something new, but experts have predicted for years that Mac owners would inevitably face a … [Read more...]

Give Remote Assistance With avast! Antivirus

Are you the Tech Expert in your family? Do you help your friends when they have problems with their computer? If people ask you for help when they have computer questions, get prepared in advance with the latest version of AVAST! Free Antivirus featuring Remote Assistance. AVAST Remote Assistance: Helping nerds help others Don't let your friends "save money" by using … [Read more...]